What’s your company’s mission ?

mission statementHere is a question that i do like asking to managers when i meet them. Actualy, this question is not a trick at all, it’s a simple and easy question but guess what ?

7 out of 10 times, they couldn’t tell me EXACTLY the mission of their company. I was upset at the beginning of this survey but now no more. So of course, am pleasantly surprised when a manager or a business owner is able to tell me exactly his company mission.

Peter Drucker wrote: « The most important reason for failure in business comes from insufficient thinking about the reason forthe company, its mission.  »

The mission of a company is the reason why it’s been created.If the boss himself doesn’t know it that means it will never be shared. Morever, all the strategies depend on the company’s mission. The mission impacts sales, human resources, marketing, finance management, choice of suppliers, etc

Without a clear mission, the company is just like a shipwithout a compass. It’s going nowhere.

Mission gives meaning to employees’ work. One more reason why they wake up in the morning and a strong one when the company work it out well.

The mission is a landmark and a guide, it must be inclusive, based on shared values ​​and project a higher ideal. It is therefore important to think in and out of the commonplace, the mission describes what is the company and not only what it does. It is the soul of the company, its DNA.” Claude Savoie.

The mission is not just a simple text written like a poem. It’s more than that. It must inspires and show the ideal persued by the firm and its aspiration to excellence. The mission tells employees how important is their job beyond making their company profitable. If a company’s mission is only to make shareholders get more money every year, it’s obvious that employees won’t feel really concern about it.

If you’re working for a company or running your own business, here is the question again: what’s your company mission ? If you need help to answer, please contact us.

Companies and missions

ECOBANK, the Panafrican Bank


The mission of Ecobank is to provide a full range of commercial bankingand financial services, and products to individuals, companies, institutions and governments in West and Central Africa.


« We are committed to provide an impeccable service to our demanding clientele of premium cars. Pay our customers with the greatest possible attention and care in all aspects of the business. To create a connection in the workplace, with shared passion for our vision and goals. To have motivated, hard working and empowered employees. Maintain commitment to our corporate social responsibility »


At Microsoft, our mission and values how to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.


Apple is committed to bringing the best personal computing experience to students, educators, creative professionals and consumers around the world through its innovative hardware, software and Internet offerings.

General Electric

Work towards greater development by applying typical sustainable solutions. Form a proud and tight-knitted human community, working efficiently for the interests of all, clients, shareholders and wage-earners. Accordingly, the Group has entrusted its co-workers with the mission of mobilizing its expertise, day after day, as well as the Group?s network, to assist its clients in achieving their goals. Moreover, it offers to its private clients and small, medium and larger enterprises, products that are particularly prosperous, unique and innovative, in addition to economic and financial information, and counseling in wealth management.

EBID (Ecowas Bank of Investment and Development)

EBID’s mission is to contribute towards the creation of the conditions which would enhance the emergence of an economically strong, industrialised, and prosperous West Africa that is perfectly integrated both internally and in the global economic system in order to benefit from the opportunities offered by globalisation.



by Adama GOROU


A propos gorouadama

Adama GOROU is a pasionnate entrepreneur, coach and trainer in leadership and selfgrowth. He has +10 years of work experience in advertising and media. He is CEO of A+ COACHING, the training company through which he lives his life mission of helping people grow by providing them the inspiration and the tools. He believes in a better world shaped by better men and women. He is engaged in many causes as climate change, youth leadership and women empowerment. Through the past years, Adama was awarded with many prizes and distinctions: - Selected as member of the group “New leaders of the future” by CRANS MONTANA FORUM (Switzerland) - Nominated in the top 100 of young economical African leaders under 40 by Institute Choiseul (France, Paris) - Ranked in the top 30 of africa French speaking countries entrepreneurs to follow on twitter. - Selected for the program Young African Leaders Initiative of President Barack OBAMA Adama dream about building up an incubator for young innovative entrepreneurs and a center for ethical leadership as a way to create a new generation of African leaders engaged in social change.
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